Blown Away!

Fran what can we say!!!!

From our cake consultation, cake tasting to the final result! Absolutely blown away with how stunning our cake looked and also tasted! I also loved the pre wedding cakesicles as a surprise for my bridesmaids and the grooms party they all loved them. We has so many people asking about the cake!

Mr & Mrs Watkins (May 2023)

Thank you Thank you Thank you

I just wanted to send you a huge thank you for making such a special and stunning cake. My mum and dad, plus ever single guest were blown away by it! Supposed the chef cut into it and tasted it expressing how fantastic it was and rarely comments usually, so I was told, “it must have been good”….. Thank you thank you thank you.

Lindsey (July 2023)


Bright Disco Balls

Naked 90th

Barbell Weights

Morgan Car

Pink Buttercream Rose Cupcake Tower

Pink Buttercream Heart Birthday

Dusky Pink Rose 70th

Rose & Macarons

Pink Chanel Bow Cake

Man Utd & Farming


Navy & Gold Macaron

Joint 70th

Leeds Utd Drip Cake

Macaron & Silk Rose Birthday

Snowdrop Birthday

Radley Bag

British Airways

Sage Layered Buttercream

Audi & Pizza

McLaren Cake

Take-away Curry Cake

Man Utd / Killing Eve

Green Ombré Drip

Emma Bridgwater Mug

Tuxedo Birthday

Succulents Plant Pot

Chanel Box Birthday

Whisky & Cigars Cake

Semi-Naked Fresh Fruit Birthday

Tools cake


Chocolate Overload

Rose Gold & Pink Buttercream Swirls

Toolbox Cake

Veterinary Nurse

Pizza Oven

Piped Bright Buttercream Flowers

Bob Minion

Ferrari F1

Land Rover Discovery

Hawaiian Shirt

Rugby Shirt

Gold Drip & Macarons

Buttercream Flowers

Dusky Pink Marble & Sugar Roses

Huddersfield Football Shirt

Choc Drip with Amaretto

McLaren F1 Cake

Naked 21 Cake

Car & Beer Cake

Burnley Red Wine Cake

Buffalo Wild Wings

Tardis Cake

Drum Cake

Farm 40th

Beer Gym & Football Chocolate Overload

Beach & Camper Van 21st

Bright Sugar Flowers

Semi-naked Fresh Fruit

Silver Glitter

Mamma Mia

Black & White 18

Burger & Chips

Joint Countryside Birthday

Geode Cake

Moog Synthesiser

Hawaiian Shirt

Pink Sugar Flower

Blue Marble Drip

Walking Boots/Dog

Chocolate Orange Drip

Chocolate Strawberry Drip Cake

Louis Vuitton Bag

KFC, Curry & Steak Bake 18th Birthday

Leeds Utd with Scarf

Cartoon Slice of Cake

Garden & Dogs

Canal Lock

Darts & Rugby


Horse Racing

Harley Davidson


Gonk Birthday

Hedgehog & Tree Trunk

Cerise Louis Vuitton Case

Football & Cricket

Ford Anglia

Sage Drip & Gold Macarons

Semi-Naked with fresh fruit

Boxing Glove

Olive Green Drip & Gold Macaron

Noddy on Roof

Land Rover

Kamado Joe BBQ Cake

Snooker & DJ Cake

Cruise Ship

Stencilled Buttercream

Stitch Drip Cake

Tiffany Blue Drip with Doughnuts

Pink Buttercream with fresh roses

Burj Khalifa & Underwater

Gravity Defying Guinness

Karate Cake

Louis Vuitton Case

Flowers Birds & Butterflies

Toilet Roll & Pop Emoji

Watercolour Buttercream 70th

French Horn Cake

Books & Paint Palette

Bradford City

Steam Train & Racehorse

Box of Maltesers Cake


Books & Oil Paint

Moretti Cake

Sage Drip with Doughnuts

Black & White 30th

Raspberry Pink Drip with Fresh Fruit

Musical Theatre

Spring Buttercream Flowers

Gold Marbled Peony

New House

Peacock Feather Cake

Petal 70th

Cricket & Music

Red & Gold 60

Liverpool Football

Paint Tin

Olive Green & Gold Doughnut Drip

Biscoff Drip Cake


Yellow Drip & Macaron

Gold Drip Photo Reel

Lilac Buttercream Flowers

Tea Cup Sugar Flowers

Harry Potter Macaron Drip

Crunchie Overload

Rose Gold Macaron & Roses

Dumper Truck

Canal Barge

Semi-naked Purple Drip

Red Wine Box

Biscoff Chocolate Drip

Burnley FC Drip

Scottish Policeman

Joint Birthday

James Bond

John Deere Tractor

Black & Gold Drip Cake

Mountain Biking

Camper Van Cake

Red Chocolate Overload Cake

Gin Drip 30th

Rose Gold Drip & Gin

Poker Cake

Fresh Fruit Naked 50th Birthday

Mickey & Stitch Under The Sea

Pink & Lilac Flower 90th Birthday

Chocolate Overload Cake

Blue Watercolour Effect Cake

Pink Drip Gin Cake

Kamado Joe BBQ

Buttercream flower Semi-naked


Passion Fruit Martini

Sausage Roll

Rose Gold Prosecco Drip

Motorbike Helmet

Tipper Truck

Chocolate & Doughnut Overload

Gold Drip Chocolate Overload

Watercolour Buttercream and Gold Leaf

Fresh Flower Semi-Naked

Semi-Naked White Rose and Sea Holly

Musical Theatre Cake

Wonder Woman

Leeds United Drip Cake & Cupcakes

Handbag 40th

Sweetie Overload

Mini, Dogs & Prosecco

Champagne Bucket

Ndebele Zimbabwe

Rose Gold Drip & Truffle

Pink & Lilac Drip



Blue Watercolour buttercream & Vodka


Guitar Amp

Caramel Drip Choc Overload

Gardening Glove and Trowel

Rose Gold Drip Oreo/Biscoff Overload

Land Rover / Yoda

Vanilla Chocolate Overload

Cruise Ship

Rose Gold drip Sweetie overload

Multi Interest

Crown Green Bowling

Pink Drip Fresh Flower


Construction Supervisor

Outdoor Swimmer

Pink Semi-Naked Fresh Flower

BBQ cake

Captain Morgan Rum

Everton Cake

Halloween Tea Cup

Nike Air Jordan

New York Drip


Vivienne Westwood

Choc Orange Drip

Photo Choc Overload

Land Rover


Daim Caramel Drip

White Wine/iPhone & Walking Boots

Cruise Ship

Joint Birthday Choc Overload Cake

XBox One Cake

Rose Gold Prosecco Drip

Garden/Dogs Cake

Motorbike/Map of the World

Choc Overload


Killers Cake

Sweetie/Choc Drip

Burnley FC Cake

Pink Gin Drip

Purple & Gold 18th Birthday

Multiple Birthdays

Semi-Naked Fresh Flower

Joint Birthday

Pink Gin

Louis Vuitton

Sugar Flower Unicorn

Shoes & Bag Cake

Twin's 18th

Choc Overload

WW1 Cake

Tea & Cats

Skiing, Shooting & Rugby

Paramedic Cake

Tiffany Box

Make-Up and Chocolate

Stormtrooper Cake

Marble & Peony

San Miguel Bottle

Weather Forecast Cake

Fosters Glass

Greyhound & Walking Boots

Air Hostess

Pale Ale Bottle

21 Fruit & Flowers

Gold Drip Ballerina

Globe Theatre

Biscoff Doughnut

Malteser Gravity Defying Cake

Peroni Bottle

Model Truck Cake

Semi-Naked with Pastel Flowers

Ballet & Piano Cake

Hen cake

Coffee Drip cake

Truck Cab cake

Dumbo Cake

Greenhouse Cake

Pink & Lilac Rose Cake

Lilac Drip Cake

Rose Gold Sequin & Peony Cake

Gin & Choc Drip Cake

Rainbow Drip Cake

Friends Cake

Bradford City FC Cake

Lily Cake

Full English Cake

Tiffany Box Cake

Make Up Cake

Skull Drip Cake

Liverpool FC Cake

Vet Cake

Striped Buttercream & Sprinkle Cake

Mermaid Cake

Rose 21st Cake

Garden & Bench Cake

Paramedic Shirt Cake

Butterfly Cake

Fishing/Amsterdam Cake

Gold Drip Cake

Cycling Countryside Cake

Pink & Black 18th Cake

Semi-Naked Fresh Flower

Purple Flower Cake

Motorbike Cake

Ponden Hall Library Cake

Pink Drip 21st Birthday

Money Cake

Malteser Gravity Cake

Gold Brush Fresh Flowers

Watercolour Buttercream Roses

Fruit & Veg Cake

Cleaning Cake

Farm Cake

Crown Green Bowling

Sport Theme

Whippet Cake

Buttercream Rose Cake

TV & Armchair Cake

Hobbies 50th Cake

Northern Soul Cake

Stripe & Sugar Flower Cake

Arsenal Cake

Hedgehog Tree Stump Cake

Chocolate Overload 30th Birthday Cake

Gardening & Rugby cake

Semi-Naked Rose & Macaron Gold Drip cake

Pink Watercolour Buttercream cake

Westie & Farm Animals cake

Toolbox cake

Motorbike & Labradors Cake

Navy Blue & Gold Birthday Cake

Leopard Ghecko Cake

Jack Daniel's Barrel Cake

Pink & Rose Gold Drip cake

Chocolate Poodle & Daffodil Cake

Sewing Machine Cake

Spaghetti Carbonara Cake

Baseball Cap Cake

Choc Overload Cake

80th Birthday Cake

80th Birthday Cake

Garden Shed Cake

Cat Drip Cake

Pink & Rose Gold Sequin Cake

Gold Drip Macaron Cake

Marlboro & QVC Birthday cake

Tiffany Blue Drip Cake

Motorbike Cake

Golf & Rugby Cake

Semi-Naked Cake with Fresh Flowers

Rallying/Shooting Cake

Minnie Mouse & Matching Cupcakes

Guitar & Amp Cake

Horse & Dogs Cake

Rose Gold Drip Cake

Leeds Utd, Beer, Dog & Walking Cake

Pink Ruffles, Diamante & Peony Cake

Chocolate Overload Cake

New York Cake

Purple Doc Martin Boot Cake

Purple Sparkle Buttercream Swirl Cake

Bradford City Cake

Bands Cake

Pilot Shirt Cake

Pink & Rose Gold Drip Caake

Sprinkle Cake

Pink Swirls & Rose Gold

Silver Motorhome Cake

Watering Can Cake

Louis Vuitton Bag/Wine & Dog cake

Toolbox cake

Festival cake

Pastel Stripe Drip cake

Cavalier King Charles & Daffodil Cake

Liverpool FC Ball Cake

Doctor Who Tardis Cake

Astronomy Cake

Tasmanian Devil Cake

Japanese Garden Cake

Minnie Mouse Skirt Cake

Black & Gold Stars and Stripes Cake

Fishing Cake

Bright Flower 70th Cake

MG & Motorbike Cake

Princess Rugby Cake

Roses with lace cake

Leeds Utd, Tractor & Beer cake

Buttercream Roses Cake

Bag, Perfume & Lipstick Cake

Radley Bag & Shoe Cake

Travelling Themed Cake

Harley-Davidson Trike Cake

Gym Cake

Gold Drip Macaron Cake

Sprinkle 21st Birthday Cake

Shoe & Peony Cake

Pizza Cake

Daisy cake

White, Gold & Black 50th Birthday

Jigsaw Cake

Oscars Cake

Joint 80th Birthday Cake

Pandora & Make Up Cake

Tiffany Box Cake

Semi-Naked Pink Drip Cake

Labrador & Walking Boots 30th Cake

Celtic Cake

Cricket, Football & Beer Cake

Rounders Cake

Decorating/Golf/Australia Cake

Handyman Cake

Globe Cake

Gold Drip Cake with Meringue Kisses

Louis Vuitton Jersey Bag cake

Louis Vuitton Case Cake

Girly 21st Birthday Cake

Painting the Roses Red Cake

Leeds United Pouring Beer Glass Cake

Sunderland FC Cake

Spongebob Squarepants Cake

Country Garden Cake

Dog & Walking Boots Cake

Multi Interest 50th Birthday Cake

Audi Stacked Tyre Cake

Lilac Present Cake

Lily of the Valley Present Cake

Blackburn Rovers Cake

Flake & Twirl Chocolate Oerload Cake

Ski Theme Cake

Massage Therapist cake

Boxing Ring cake

Paddington Case cake

Gravity Defying Beer Can Cake

Yorkshire themed cake

Flowery 70th birthday cake

Chef's Jacket Cake

Gucci Handbag cake

Animal Drummer Cake

Jo Malone cake & matching cupcakes

Steam Train Cake

Scrabble Cake

Baby Oleg Cake

Tigger Cakesicles

Pizza Cakesicles

Winnie the Pooh

Personalised Crowns



Liverpool FC

Peter Rabbit

Corporate cakesicles

Horror Theme

30th Birthday

Arts & Crafts

Gold Leaf Cakesicles

Tiffany Cakesicles

Unicorn Cakesicles



Pastel Rainbow Cakesicles

Man Utd Cakesicles

Canada Cakesicles

Spider-Man Cakesicles

Mermaid Cakesicles

Pink & Purple Animal Print

Burnley FC

Dinosaur Cakesicles

Baby Shower Cakesicles

Biscoff Cakesicles

Wild West Cakesicles

Fortnite Cakesicles

Pink Marbled

Lilac Sprinkles

Rose Cakesicles




Star Wars

Liverpool FC

Christmas cakesicle

Christmas cakesicle

Frozen cakesicles






Baby Shower

Sunflower/Gold Leaf



Tiffany Blue



Mickey Mouse


Baby Shower

Teacher Thank You

Baby Shower

Tiffany Geometric Heasts

Pink & Rose Gold

Liverpool Football

Blue & Gold Leaf

Pastel Rainbow


Name Plate Flower


Baby Shower

Baby Shower

Baby Shower

Baby Shower (Girl)

Geometric Hearts

1st Anniversary

Mermaid Style


Burger Cake

Stitch Buttercream

Digger Cake

Stitch Fondant Cake


Under the Sea

Super Mario

Batman & Robin



Mario & Luigi

Hello Kitty

Harry Potter

Football Net Cake

Coco Melon

Bright Unicorn

Leeds Utd Drip Cake

Mario Kart

Rainbow Unicorn

Willy Wonka



Rainbows & Unicorn

Mercedes F1 cake

Harry Potter & Pokemon

Make Up Cake

Princess Castle

Woodland Birthday

Rapunzel Cake

Tigger & Winnie the Pooh

Rabbit Cake

Comic Cake

Ombré Unicorn

Man Utd Cake

Safari Drip

Blue Dinosaur

Pastel Goose

Bob Minion

Man City Football

Leeds Utd & Chicago Bulls

Barbie Drip

Rainbow with Tap Shoes

Lego Head

Marvel Lego




Lego Marvel


Buttercream Flowers

Train & Tunnel Cake

Man City Cake

Bluey Cake

Red Panda Cake

Dinosaur cake


Rainbow Farm


Coco Melon

Skye Paw Patrol Cake

Prime Comic Cake

Flopsy Bunny

Poppit Fidget Butterfly

Leeds Utd Climbing Cake

Hot Wheels

Xbox Cake

Princess Castle

Hey Penelope

Marvel 3rd Birthday

Fairy Princess

Paris St. Germain

Pink Unicorn

Dinosaur & Volcano

Marvel 5

Wednesday Addams Cake

Blondie/Brownie Tower

LOL Dolls Cartoon Cake

Teddy Bear Waves Cake

Navy & Gold 16

Number 5 Marvel Cake

Hulk & Spider-Man

Leeds Utd Football cake

Bob the Train/Teletubbies

Cartoon Slice of Cake

Sweet 16 Buttercream

Pastel Buttercream with Gold Unicorn

Abstract Blue Buttercream 1st Birthday

Teepee Cake






Star Wars

Layered Buttercream Leopard Spot

Daisy Duck

Neon Drip

Guitar Amp


PJ Masks

Gold Splatter Peony

Hermione Grainger’s Bag

Plane & Bunting


Ben & Hollie

Harry Potter Book

Land Rover

Pandora Cake

Multiple Character Cake

Toy Story

Embsay Juniors

Turquoise Marble & Butterflies

Gold Drip with Cakesicles


Unicorn & Flowers

The Mallard

Disney Princess Castle

Rainbow Unicorn

Giraffes & Clouds

Rainbow Unicorn

Sugar Daisy Semi-Naked with cupcakes

Winnie the Pooh

Louis Vuitton Case

Hot Wheels

Marvel Superheroes


Safari Cake

Mermaid Cake

Leeds Utd

Fairytale Castle

Rugby Shirt

Giraffe Jungle

Blue Bunny Flower Birthday

Rainbow Drip


Tank Cake

Farm Cake

Unicorns & Rainbows

Chelsea Football Cake


Dinosaur & Volcano


Harlequins & Mandalorian

Rainbows & Unicorn

Chocolate Overload

Bright Jungle

Paw Patrol Skye & Everest

Harry Potter Dobby



Shark Cake

Stir Fry Cake

Minecraft / Fortnite Cake

Harry Potter

Jungle Cake

Mario Kart


Digger Cake

Red Dinosaur

Pink Spider-Man

Jungle Cake

Dumper Truck

LOL Dolls

Farm Birthday

Biscoff Chocolate Drip

Burnley FC Drip

Pastel Unicorn

Shark Cake

Hot Wheels

Leeds Utd Badge

Red & Gold Dragon

Flying Scotsman

Rainbow Cake

James Bond

Fireman Sam

Spider-Man 2-tier

Rainbow 1

Disney Princesses

Paw Patrol Chase

LOL Dolls Drip Cake

Mickey & Stitch Under The Sea

Vampire Diaries

Princess Elsa Cake

Minecraft Cake

How to Train Your Dragon Cake

Peter Rabbit

Giraffe Cake

Green Tractor

Beanie Boo Sloth Dreamy Cake

Paw Patrol (Skye & Everest) Cake

Elsa Cake

Cat Cake

Japanese Cherry Blossom

Royal Blue Drip

Football/Xbox Chocolate Overload

Tractor Ted/Unicorn

Sweet Overload

Semi-naked Drip Sweet Overload

Joint Sweetie & Chocolate Overload Cakes

Dinosaur Comforter Cake


Hulk Fist

Princess Castle & Roses

Princess Cushion Cake

Mandalorian Grogu cake

Choc & Donut Overload Cake

Sweetie Overload

Ballon d’Or

PJ Masks

Toy Story

Chocolate Overload

Mario Kart

Hot Tub

Fireman Sam

Man Utd Football

Unicorn Spider-Man

Ryan’s World


Toy Story Rex

Pirates of the Caribbean

Rainbow 3


Fortnite / Minecraft

Tee & Mo

Caramel drip chocolate overload


Rainbow unicorn


XBox Series X


Sweet 16 Drip Cake


Lego Ninjago

Hylian Shield



Teddy Bear & Unicorn


Pink Bunny

Harry Potter Drip

Yoda Drip

Sprinkle Fault Line

Iron Man Volcano

Crown Drip



In The Night Garden

Jemima Puddle Duck

Blaze & The Monster Machines


Construction Cake


Pig Train

Little Mermaid


Gold Drip & Pink Square

Multiple Birthdays

Twins Birthday

Harry Potter Sprinkles

Thomas the Tank Engine

PJ Masks Cake

Blaze Cake

Mickey Mouse

BT21 Cake

Liverpool Football

LOL Cake

Ronaldo Juventus Shirt

Bright Unicorn

Biscoff Doughnut

Pale Pink Crown

Coronovirus Lockdown